Sunshine Auto Salvage is Committed to Quality Used Auto Parts Sales & Recycling, Local Community Involvement & Environmental Preservation

Our company wide mission goes way beyond thousands of U-Pick U-Pull parts vehicles and the lowest prices on used auto parts! At Sunshine Auto Salvage, we also understand how important local community and worldwide environmental issues are to our generation and to the generations to come!

We purchase vehicles from insurance companies, tow companies, charities, private parties and auto auctions. Sunshine Auto Salvage is constantly adding fresh merchandise daily. This gives you the ability to find the parts you need at an incredibly low price.

Sunshine Auto Salvage also serves many collision-repair businesses, mechanic service shops and dealerships.

Sunshine Auto Salvages yard is clean and well organized. All of our vehicles are grouped by make and model. Each vehicle is placed on stands to make it easy to get the parts you need. Before being placed in the yard, all vehicles are inspected and have the fluids and hazardous materials removed and recycled. Sunshine Auto Salvage is committed to your safety and satisfaction!

Want to save 80% over new parts?

It's easy! Simply bring your own tools to Sunshine Auto Salvage. You will pay a small admission charge to gain access to an ever changing inventory of over several hundred cars and trucks in both our import/foreign and domestic yards. Sunshine Auto Salvage has over 4,000 vehicles available to pull parts from!

The friendly Self Service sales associates will guide you to the vehicle you need, as well as provide an interchange to help make it easier to find your parts. Once you locate the vehicle with the parts you need, you use your tools to remove them. When you are finished, bring your parts up to the cashier. All of our parts are pre-priced and posted so you will always know what the part will cost. We also offer a warranty, so if the part is bad or the wrong one, there's no need worry. Sunshine Auto Salvage offers a 30 Day Parts Guarantee to give you peace of mind.

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, simply bring the marked part back to Sunshine Auto Salvage along with the receipt for an Exchange or Credit!

No hassle, just customer satisfaction!

If you are a business to business buyer or seller of bulk or surplus auto parts, please contact Kevin at 803-531-1008.

Sunshine Auto Salvage is Committed to Helping the Environment

Sunshine Auto Salvage recycles all types of vehicles at our State of the Art Recycling division to reduce landfill waste. The vehicles have all of the fluids recycled or reused as well as the Freon, mercury switches and tires. All of the metals are sorted and recycled. Sunshine Auto Salvage has a rigorous program to reuse all of the parts that can be remanufactured such as alternators starters and air compressors.

Sunshine Auto Salvage has set the standard for environmental practices in South Carolina and continues to raise the bar to exceed the Federal and State guidelines. We have standardized our best management practices for managing vehicles and hazardous wastes.

Sunshine Auto Salvage's commitment to the environment and the community we live and work in set us apart from the traditional automotive recycler.

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Sunshine Auto Salvage U-Pick U-Pull is a self service used auto parts provider and auto recycler located in Orangeburg, SC. Sunshine offers thousands of vehicles for local parts customers to pull their own discount parts for car, truck, van and SUVs both Import-Foreign and Domestic-American. Sunshine Auto Salvage is also one of the top wrecked, salvage and junk car buyers in SC. Local used auto parts sales and car buying service area in SC includes; Orangeburg, Columbia, Florence, Savannah, Charleston, Augusta, Sumter, Lexington, Santee, Aiken, Summerville, Manning, Walterboro, St. George, Barnwell, Camden and more. Choose Sunshine Auto Salvage for huge parts vehicle inventories, low used auto parts prices & easy self service parts dismantling facilities!

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